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Without basic facts in your mind such as a growth mindset, a positive attitude and mental skills at your disposal, talent can go untapped.

Most people are either unaware of or unable to describe their own strengths and talents. 

Building natural abilities or talents into real strengths require practice, focus and work as much as it does building physical strengths. 

Lets create a Strength based action plan so you can start achieving specific goals! 

Injury Recovery and Pain management aid

When suffering an injury emotional factors such as loss of confidence, motivation or fear need to be addressed and treated along with  the physical injury to promote faster recovery. Working side by side with physicians and coaches to recover the sense of security and confidence needed to restore wellness conditions holistically. 

Empowering athletes to manage skillfully the physical sensations and to manage fears and anxiety from an empowered position. 

Many studies shows that  the most significant results in injury recovery in athletes were found in athletes that worked also  in the more action related factors of goal setting, positive self-talk, and the use of healing imagery. 

Weight management               Aid

Some sports disciplines require stricter diets and weight managment.

Weight managment involves not only healthy eating habits but also emotional and psycological aspects of the person to adhere and to achieve the needed goal. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool it has the ability to promote deep changes efficiently.

Stress and Anxiety management 

Concentration, Relaxation, Focus and Activation are primordial skills for any athlete prior and during a performance. 

Stress management skills can be easily developed by self hypnosis training , empowering athletes to manage their emotions, check their thoughts and attain higher levels of concentration and focus.  

Performance could add a psychological pressure that if it is managed properly we can catalyze and use anxiety as fuel for achieving goals and improving performances. 

*Important Disclaimer: We offer goal oriented hypnosis consultations and coaching services as complementary services to licensed medical and psychotherapy professionals but we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any medical or psychological disorders. 

*Success in this process depends on many variables, including the client's attitude, adherence to the program, personal health and history. If you suffer from a psychological or medical disorder, please consult your physician or psychotherapist. 

*A Physician referral is required before initiating work on diagnosed conditions

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