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Alethia Olmedo-Perlasca MA. CCH.  has extensively trained for years in various psychological domains focusing mainly on resilience, optimism, anxiety and stress management, using primarily clinical hypnosis techniques. 


Emphasis in Drama Therapy and receiving training and supervision by Armand Volkas. LMFT

Emphasis in Milton Erickson´s approaches to hypnosis and brief therapy. Being trained and taking clases with great hypnosis teachers such as Teresa Robles, Claude Virot & Consuelo Casula.  

Alethia has also certifications in Existential Psychology and Human Development by the ​Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico, in Emotional Intelligence by the ​Claustro de Sor Juana University, and in Education Management by FORMO international.

She is a certified Life Coach by ​Coaching Ontológico de México​. 

She has done several trainings such as a Clinical Hypnosis training with Dr. Michael Yapko Ph.D and a specialization in Foundations of Positive Psychology by the University of Pensilvania coursera

Alethia has plenty experience working with families, teenagers and athletes as a private consultant, leading many  drama therapy groups and also has given numerous coaching workshops to private companies helping to develop their employers potentials.  

Francisco Olmedo Meza

Francisco studied Industrial Engineering and specialties at the AIB in Chicago, Ill. and at the Institute of Advanced Technologies in Seoul, in the Republic of Korea.

Doctorate in Education from the University of La Salle in San José, Costa Rica.

Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming directly with its creators John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

He has extensive training in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy by HipnoMap in Madrid, Spain.

Diploma in Human Development from the Universidad Veracruzana. Professor of higher education for more than 30 years. Teaching innumerable conferences, courses and seminars in a large part of the Mexican Republic. With extensive experience in private consulting for behavioral changes: fears, stress, depression, addictions and learning problems. Creator of the MAS Plus Self-Development System.

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