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  • What is hypnosis?
    "It is a state where you use your imagination and your selective attention to attain skills, highlight resources or attain insights . It might involve relaxation but there is also a type of hypnosis used normally in sports that is a more active one." "Hypnosis creates an amplified, energized, high-powered context for people to explore, discover, and use more of their innate abilities." Dr. Michael Yapko PH.D
  • How many sessions are required?
    The number of sessions will depend on the goals and the work that the person wants to achieve. Our sessions are tailored made to the clients needs. We strongly recommend a minimum of three session so the client can learn and experience the basic knowledge and work with hypnosis and to clarify their values, goals and steps to follow.
  • Does Hypnosis heal?
    Hypnosis is a tool that is used to modify, amplify o refocus a behavior, a set of thoughts, or a belief system that is not useful or in detriment of the client. So hypnosis does not heal, is the work and the insights gotten during hypnosis that make changes mentally and that are reflected physically. Training the mind to attain relaxation states has been proven very helpful to manage stress and the pyshical side effects of it.
  • Am I going to be fully sleep and won´t remember the session?
    No, you will be able to remember and be in an awareness state during the session. Hypnosis is not equal to sleeping it is a dreamlike state, a different state of awareness. I will also give you the recording of the session so you can review it and practice it after.
  • Does Hypnosis mean regression?
    It does not mean regression. Regression is an exercise that some hypnotists use because goes accord with their belief system. My belief system or background is in positive psychology and solution oriented approaches meaning that I rather work to amplify the strengths and values of the client that are working, promote the new learnings and insights that are needed and to project and create the steps for a better future.
  • Am I going to bark like a dog or do something without my conscent?
    No, consulting hypnosis is not show hypnosis, you will not do anything without your conscent and the session is soley focused in your well being. Alethia Olmedo Perlasca MA. CCH. will facilitate the hypnosis communication but you will be in control of choosing whether to take the suggestions that are offered for your benefit. The sessions include conversational approaches to help you find and tackle the areas you want to improve as well the strengths you already have and use them for your thriving and well being. You will also get a recorded audio of the session so you can revisit the work that has been made during it. The Client participate as a co-active learner and that his/her own efforts and commitment to use the techniques taught are an essential requirement to achieve the success the client desires.
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