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Hypnosis and mental coaching 
to get the mental edge you want 


Athletes know the importance of training their bodies but successful athletes also know the importance of training their mind to use their full potential for a peak performance. 

Sport enthusiasts will benefit from a mental training,  incorporating CONCENTRATION, RELAXATION and ACTIVATION exercises and techniques that can help them improve their game. ​

Hypnosis is the perfect option for improving CONFIDENCE, FOCUS and PERFORMANCE.

In Mind in Motion we firmly  believe that people have way more abilities than they consciously realize and by using hypnosis and experiential techniques we can embark to a discovery of new capacities reaching new goals and  success levels. 

Hypnosis Consultation

Discover and develop your resources and learn new ones in any area you need to improve. Empower yourself with abilities and realizations that can help you thrive and gro...
Private Consultation
1 hr 30 min
Prices Vary
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*Important Disclaimer: We offer goal oriented hypnosis consultations and coaching services as complementary services to licensed medical and psychotherapy professionals but we do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any medical or psychological disorders. 

*Success in this process depends on many variables, including the client's attitude, adherence to the program, personal health and history. If you suffer from a psychological or medical disorder, please consult your physician or psychotherapist. 

*A Physician referral is required before initiating work on diagnosed conditions

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